Use one of the worlds best report builders from to create custom dashboards about your AWS usage.

CloudAware Usage Analytics diagram

Feature Highlights

  • Multidimensional Data

    With CloudAware Federal Usage Analytics you can quickly build reports not only regarding number of instances grouped by application but also leverage CMDB data collected from 3rd party sources. For example using data from a 3rd party monitoring system, you could track Memory Utilization grouped by EC2 Instance Type and by Application.

    Multidimensional Data
  • Drag and Drop Analytics

    Drag and drop to create personalized reports and dashboards by department, role, and individual. Show key business metrics in real time and easily drill down for additional detail. Then share insights via social feeds and across mobile devices.

  • Historic Trends

    We are sure you know how much EBS storage you've used this month. What about 3 months ago? CloudAware Federal historical usage analysis can help you understand not only what your current usage is but also how it is evolving over time. Are you consuming more EIPs, storage or network traffic than before. Which applications are increasing their usage the most?

    Historic Trends

Five Problems We Solve:

  • 1Not understanding AWS current usage and trends.
  • 2Correlating usage data against applications and environments.
  • 3Wasting time with Excel and home grown tools.
  • 4Bumping into AWS service limits without a warning.
  • 5Over or under provisioning AWS infrastructure.
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