In seconds CloudAware Federal detects a policy deviation, uses CloudTrail data to identify the offender then uses case assignment based on owner, account or policy and opens up a case in JIRA or Remedy to make sure violation gets resolved quicker. CloudAware Federal customers resolve trusted advisor violations 5 times quicker than non-CloudAware users.

CloudAware Trusted Advisor diagram

Feature Highlights

  • Custom Policies

    With Enhanced Trusted advisor users can create their own policies or customize existing ones. It is also possible to create policy exceptions based on tags, account or other object properties. Users decide how policy violation is handled. We support cases, email and mobile push notifications.

    Custom Policies
  • Policy Library

    CloudAware ships pre-included with over 100 policies to detect waste, spot operational misconfigurations and security vulnerabilities.

    Policy Library
  • Analytics and metrics

    Using advanced report builder you will be able quickly and visually understand which policies are most commonly violated, which ones take the longest to resolve, which departments are slowest to address violations.

    Analytics and metrics

Five Problems We Solve:

  • 1Violations sitting in a queue un-addressed.
  • 2Too many false positives because AWS policies cannot be tweaked.
  • 3Inability to detect in-house best practices such as required tags.
  • 4Taking too long to respond to violations.
  • 5Lack of analytics to track violation rates across applications.

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