Pivot your costs by application, billing code or any other dimension. Create budget alarms and triggers to initiate approvals for expensive stack launches.

CloudAware Cost Management diagram

Feature Highlights

  • Easy To Share

    Sharing cost analysis and spending reports in CloudAware Federal is easy. From scheduled email PDF to Excel reports, CloudAware Federal will deliver the reports to the users you want in whatever format necessary.

    Easy To Share
  • Blended and Unblended Rates Simplified

    AWS resellers and cloud service brokers depend on detailed billing files from Amazon Web Services. These files are difficult to parse due to their complexity and size often requiring resellers, CSBs and large AWS consumers to invest heavily in building in-house applications just to process AWS invoices. CloudAware Federal not only supports "giant" billing files but also provides advanced analytics, customization and invoicing based on the data derived from detailed billing files.

    Blended and Unblended Rates Simplified
  • Waste Detection

    CloudAware automatically detects waste in your accounts. For example if CloudAware Federal notices that an EBS drive has been unattached for over 10 days, cost management module will issue an alert indicating the amount of potential savings. There are over 100 waste seeking policies. Using Trusted Advisor policy designer, users can customize policies to increase or decrease number of days a resource is considered idling before an alert is issued. User can also create new policies altogether. On average CloudAware Federal detects more than $40,000 in annual savings after observing an account for at least two weeks.

    Waste Detection
  • Advanced Report Editor

    CloudAware is built on force.com - same platform that Salesforce is built on. Using force.com extremely powerful report builder, CloudAware Federal customers can create very specific account and application reports. Any attribute of any AWS object can be used to create filters for detailed billing dashboards. Want to know how much you're spending by VPC? No Problem!


Five Problems We Solve:

  • 1Overspending on AWS due to lack of alarms and insight.
  • 2Having to build home-grown tools to parse AWS invoices.
  • 3Recognizing charges for untaggable AWS resources against billing codes.
  • 4Wasting money on underutilized or unused infrastructure.
  • 5Inability to create drill-down cost analytics reports.
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