CloudAware cross-references data from multiple systems and can pinpoint specific servers that are not monitored, backed up or have reported security vulnerabilities.

CloudAware CMDB diagram

Feature Highlights

  • Multi-account, Multi-regional Search

    With CloudAware Federal CMDB customers can quickly find objects such as instances, load balancers or security groups by searching across all regions and hundreds of AWS accounts at once. Public Cloud support centers with 100+ AWS accounts find this feature indispensable. 

    Multi-account, Multi-regional Search
  • API Integration

    CloudAware CMDB has plugins to enhance AWS data also with fields from New Relic, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, OSSEC. Using API customers can quickly deploy their own collectors and build true data warehouse about IT systems. Don't have time to build a custom collector? We can build one for you in days. Contact Us.

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    API Integration
  • True Visibility

    Any monitoring system can tell you what it monitors but can it tell you what it does not monitor? CloudAware Federal CMDB queries multiple systems and uses algorithms to cross reference servers in AWS and other systems by name, IP address, MAC address and other attributes. CMDB will show you what is not monitored, backed up or connected to IDS.

    True Visibility

Five Problems We Solve:

  • 1Undetected gaps in monitoring, security and backup.
  • 2Ability to manage multiple AWS accounts from the same tool
  • 3Incomplete data about infrastructure resources.
  • 4Poor visibility into security and performance status.
  • 5Slow response when internal AWS support is needed.

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